Some Things You Should Know About Physical Therapy

Posted on: 22 November 2017

Getting physical therapy is one of the best things you can do for your body after an injury. There are so many people who put off getting physical therapy because they don't understand what it is. Additionally, in some cases, people get physical therapy but then they end up not getting the results that they want because they made some mistakes along the way. Here are some things you need to know about physical therapy.

What Will I Do In Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is like personal training for your injury and body. Usually the doctor will prescribe that you rest the injury, and then do mile exercise, but do you know what kind of mild exercising to do? If you don't, you could injure yourself further and delay the healing process.

This is why physical therapy is like going to a personal trainer to help your body heal. At your sessions you will be doing exercises that help to strengthen the muscles around the injury, keeping flexibility, and encouraging proper blood flow.

How Often Do I Go To Physical Therapy?

The frequency at which you go to therapy depends on your injury and your individual situation. You should expect to go more often at the beginning and then as you get stronger and stronger, it becomes more sporadic until you are completely finished. However, some people find that it is helpful to continue going to therapy even after they have healed because they feel it makes them stronger.

For instance, athletes might choose to continue going to therapy because it helps to ensure that they don't reinjure themselves. Since the injury is always at risk for further problems, it is wise to keep seeing a therapist as a prevention.

What Can I Do To Get The Most Out Of My Therapy?

The way to get the best results is to follow what the trainer says exactly. Too many people go to a trainer and then come home and search the internet to find even more things to do. The internet doesn't know your body, your individual situation, and isn't reliable. Instead, of trying to speed it up with your own research stick with what the trainer says.

Additionally, you might try to speed it up by going a step further. If the trainer says to do these home exercise 10 times, you might do them 20. This is not safe and can actually stunt your progress.

By knowing these things you can get the most out of your physical therapy. Contact a medical center, like DeSoto Memorial Hospital, for more help.