Kids Ready To Go Out And Play In The Snow? How To Keep Them Warm, Dry, And Injury-Free

Posted on: 4 December 2017

Winter is here. If you have kids, it's time to start worrying about cold and flu season. If you live where it snows, it's also time to start worrying about keeping your kids safe while they're outside enjoying themselves. Kids love to get out in the snow. However, before you send them out to make snow angels and throw snowballs, make sure they're well-protected against the cold and wet. Here are four protective measures you should take to avoid illness and injuries while your kids are playing in the snow:

Don't Put the Sunscreen Away

Now that summer is over, and winter is here, you might think it's safe to put the sunscreen away. That couldn't be farther from the truth. In fact, the sun can do just as much damage to your kid's skin when they're out in the snow as it can when they're out in the water during the summer. Before your kids head out to play in the snow, make sure all their exposed skin is covered in sunscreen.

Go Heavy on the Layers

When it comes to the snow, it's best to dress your kids in layers; lots of them. Dressing your kids in layers will make sure they stay warm and dry. Start with the bottom layer. That's the layer that will insulate your kids and keep them dry. The next layer should be slightly thicker than the first layer. Finally, end the layers with a nice thick jacket; one that zips all the way up to their chin and provides protection around their neck. Don't forget to add a hat, scarf, and gloves. When considering layers for your kids, a good rule of thumb is to go one more layer than what you'd be comfortable in if you were heading outside.

Steer Clear of Cotton

Cotton may be a great fabric to wear during the spring and summer, but it's not going to cut it during the winter. In fact, cotton is the last thing you want your kids to wear, especially as the first layer. Unlike polyester or polypropylene fabrics that keep moisture away from the body, cotton traps moisture in and holds it right up against the skin. That means your kids are going to get colder and wetter while they're playing in the snow. Instead of cotton under-layering, go with a good polyester or polypropylene fabric.

Make Visibility a Priority

If your kids are going to be playing on hills where sleds and other snow toys are being used, be sure they're dressed for visibility. The sun glaring off the snow can make it difficult to see, especially small children who may be dressed in light clothing. Make sure your kids are highly visible by dressing them in bright neon colors when they head out to play in the snow.

Don't let your kids snow fun turn end with a trip to the doctor. Use the tips provided here to keep your kids warm, dry, and injury-free while they're outside in the snow. Contact your local pediatric care facility for more information and assistance.