3 Symptoms Of Neurological Problems

Posted on: 11 December 2017

There are a lot of people who wonder if they have some sort of neurological disorder. A problem or disease of the brain can be very serious, which is why it is important to address it if you do believe there is an issue. Diseases in the brain can spread rapid and can be fatal, or at the very least can severely decrease the person's quality of life. Here are some signs of a neurological problem.

1. Trouble Speaking

One common symptom that something is wrong is that you have trouble speaking. It can present itself in a couple different ways. For instance, you might be able to say words, but are unable to put them together into a sentence. So you could say "Ball" or "Drink" but have a hard time saying "I need a drink" or "Give me the ball." Another thing that could be affected is your ability to read out load. You can talk normally, but when you try to read out loud, it is difficult. Lastly, you could see it as not even being able to find the word for something. You can think of the word, but when it comes to forming it, you can't do it. These are all signs that there is a neurological problem that should be addressed right away.

2. Balance Issues

Another common problem that people face when dealing with a neurological problem is that they have balance issues. There is a specific spot in the brain that is responsible for helping you stay upright and in balance. You might feel like you have vertigo, or you are simply unable to walk a straight line. Balance issues can be caused from a couple different things, but they should always be addressed. They can be a problem with the brain as well as an issue with the inner ear.

3. Sensations In The Body

Lastly, because the brain is responsible for your nerves, it is not uncommon to have weird sensations throughout your body if you have a problem with your brain. For example, you might have tingling or numbing sensations in spots around your body. You might feel itchy without the sign of a rash, or you could even have a burning sensation in a strange place. All of these are signs that there may be something going in neurologically that you shouldn't ignore.

Getting a neurological exam will be the best way to address these issues and ensure that you are safe. Contact a service, like Brain Matters Research, for more help.