6 Tips For Treating Bunions

Posted on: 10 January 2018

Dealing with a bunion is sure to be one of the last things you want to do. This may cause you a great deal of discomfort and pain. The key to getting through this challenging time will rest in finding the right type of treatment to help you do so. The good news is that there are many things you can do to assist in decreasing your discomfort.

Tip #1: Maintain the proper weight

One thing that will relieve some of the pressure of a bunion is maintaining the right weight for your body. If you're overweight, you'll want to be sure to lose excess body fat to help you feel better and have fewer mobility challenges.

Tip #2: Use a gel-filled pad

It's important to do all you can to protect the bunion, or you may have more pain. Be sure to rely on a gel-filled pad, which should be placed next to this area for the right amount of comfort.

Tip #3: Consider a splint

Putting a splint on the affected area of the toe could be the key to helping it get straighter over time. Of course, you will want to only rely on the guidance of a doctor when doing this for optimal results and to avoid injury.

Tip #4: Choose pain medications

It's a great idea to take time to purchase the right type of pain medicine to alleviate painful instances because these are possible with bunions. There are numerous over-the-counter pills that may be extremely helpful in allowing you to make this possible.

Tip #5: Wear warm socks

Adding some heat to the bunion can be helpful in allowing you to feel better. One way to accomplish this goal is wearing warm socks. You may want to get a foot massage, as well.

Tip #6: Buy shoes that fit

Taking time to shop for the right footwear is ideal and can allow you to move comfortably. You will want to avoid buying any shoes that don't fit properly.

If you're ready to take full control of your health and well-being when suffering from a condition of this type, then you likely want to treat your bunion correctly. This could be the key to handling this unwanted foot concern well. Be sure to work closely with a healthcare clinic like High Desert Foot & Ankle Clinic - Wonsik Y Bollmann DPM in your area to assist you today!