7 Self-Care Tips For Caregivers

Posted on: 25 May 2018

When you are a caregiver, you may find yourself neglecting aspects of self-care. Caregivers have a reputation for not taking care of themselves because they are so busy; often, caregivers are still working or taking care of children.

Self-care is crucial for individuals who take care of family members. These tips will help you stay in your best possible frame of mind.

1. Join a Support Group

Support groups provide you with a sense that you are not alone. For new caregivers, support groups are especially great for helping you build connections.

2. Set Up a Family Meeting

If you feel that the burden of providing care rests on your shoulders, it may be time to set up a meeting with the rest of the family. Discuss how you wish the weight of caring for a loved one would be shared, or ask for help as needed.

3. Adult Day Care Centers Provide Reprieve

If you struggle to manage the responsibilities of caring for your loved one and going to work each day, you may benefit from the services of an adult day care center. They utilize trips out of the center and have experienced professionals on staff.

4. Accept Help

When help is offered to you, have a response ready to offer. When people ask what you need, make sure to have a specific task or need at the ready.

5. Don't Let Friendships Fall to the Wayside

Your relationships will keep you strong during times of need. Pay close attention to your friendships so that you can have some much-needed support and backup when you need "me time".

6. You Can Rely on Nurses & Other Professionals

If you are struggling to get enough time to care for yourself, you can benefit from working with a nurse who comes in during the day to provide some extra care. Nurses may be able to provide medical care, but in some cases they might simply assist with dressing, hygiene, and food.

7. Maintain a Healthy, Safe Environment

You will save yourself plenty of stress by maintaining a safe environment for your loved one. You can prevent injury by ensuring that your loved one has plenty of room in which to move around and few trip hazards in their living space.

Providing care for somebody you love is admirable, but it does not mean that you can't have a life of your own as well. Taking care of yourself prevents stress-related emotional and physical injury. Contact local home health care services for more information.