Interested In A Water Birth? How To Have The Best Experience Possible

Posted on: 2 July 2018

After much thought, you may have made the decision to give birth in a pool of water instead of in a traditional bed at the hospital. Giving birth at home in a small pool creates a far more relaxed, comfortable, and personal moment for you and your partner as you bring your child into the world. A water birth will be like nothing you have ever experienced in your life, but there are certain things you need to know ahead of time so that you can plan accordingly to have the most enjoyable and successful water birth possible.

More women are choosing to have a water birth after learning some of the benefits associated with it. Sitting in a pool of water could leave you feeling more at ease and relaxed while potentially reducing contraction pain.

Hire a Midwife or Doula

Although you may be prepared to give birth at home, you should still have a medical professional by your side. The experience of giving birth may be completely new to you, so having someone there to guide you through this process will be comforting and will make the experience much less frightening. The midwife can help you with your breathing, time your contractions, encourage you to push when it is time to do so, and even help with the cutting of the umbilical cord when the baby comes out.

The midwife would be able to detect any potential issues while you are in labor. For example, if your cervix has fully dilated and your water broke but you are still having a difficult time getting the baby to come out despite pushing for hours, it may be necessary for you to go to the hospital for an emergency c-section. While this does not happen too often, it is good to have a midwife by your side in case an emergency does occur.

Purchase a Pool

While it may be possible to rent out a tub for your water birth experience, you may prefer purchasing a pool of your own because it would be more affordable. Simply make sure you are choosing a pool that is spacious enough for your needs. Some women prefer to sit alone in the pool, while others want to have their partner there with them to support them as they get through each of those painful contractions. You should select a pool that is spacious and comfortable enough for you. After you have purchased the pool, you will need to decide where you are going to put it. Some women like to give birth in their bedrooms, while others choose a different room in their homes, such as the living room.

Use a Tarp on the Floor

While you are in labor, some of the water from the pool may get outside of the pool and on the floor. If you have a carpeted floor, you may want to keep it protected from the extra water, so it would be a good idea to purchase a large canvas tarp that you could put down on the floor before placing the pool on top of it. The water from the pool would get on the tarp instead of the carpet, so there would be less cleanup involved after giving birth.

Have Comfort Items Ready

Gather some comfort items before the big day. These comfort items may be as simple as a cool rag, a neck pillow, and anything else that will increase your comfort throughout labor. The midwife may bring some items along to help ease your discomfort during the birthing process, too.

You may be interested in having a water birth because you would like to have more of a relaxing experience during labor. If so, you should get certain things that you will need for the water birth, such as a pool, a tarp for the floor, and some comfort items. Make sure you have a midwife/doula who can be there for you throughout labor and assist you when necessary.