4 Good Reasons To Visit A Doctor Yearly For A Wellness Check

Posted on: 7 October 2019

Taking kids to the doctor each year is an important step for their health and wellbeing, but did you know that well checks are just as important for adults? Going to the doctor once a year for a well check is vital if you want to stay healthy, and here are some of the reasons you should start making a habit of this if you do not already.

You will find out your vitals

Basic vital signs include things like your pulse and blood pressure, but they can also include your weight, height, and measurement of your body mass index (BMI). Finding out basic facts about your health is a great way to determine your health. It can also be a great way to determine risks and health issues you might have.

You can keep up with immunizations

Secondly, if you visit the doctor each year, you can learn more about the possible immunizations you would need or want, and you could get those. As you age, the immunizations that you need may change from year to year. The only way you can know if you need immunizations is by visiting a doctor. Most immunizations for adults are not mandatory. Instead, they might be recommended for certain people based on risks and health issues.

You can discuss issues and risks

After the doctor takes and examines your vital signs and basic health information, he or she can talk to you about the risks you have. During this time, you can also describe any health issues or concerns you may have. Having a good talk with your doctor is a great way to fight the risks you have and treat issues that might currently not be treated.

You can keep your medications filled

If you are currently taking any medications for your health, going to the doctor each year is a great way to keep your medications prescribed and filled. In fact, without visiting a doctor each year, you will have trouble getting the prescriptions you need. Doctors generally will not continue prescribing medications without seeing patients, but the good news is that you will likely need to go just once a year to keep receiving the medications that you need for your health.

Taking time to visit a direct primary care doctor once a year is a great way to promote good health. If you have not visited a doctor in the last year for a wellness check, you should schedule one today with your primary care doctor.