Medically-Assisted Treatment To Break Free From An Opiate Addiction

Posted on: 3 January 2020

Opiate withdrawal is generally a difficult process. Most people who are addicted to opiates need additional support in order to detox and successfully remain sober. Suboxone treatment is used to reduce cravings and help keep withdrawal symptoms under control. Suboxone is buprenorphine treatment combined with naloxone, an opiate antagonist. This combination allows the buprenorphine to adhere to opiate receptor sites in the body while the naloxone eliminates the high that it would cause. Medically-assisted treatment is an effective way to stop abusing drugs and begin to move forward in the recovery process. Supportive treatments, such as therapy, group meetings, and working on the emotional aspect of recovery, will enhance your recovery efforts.

Medically-Assisted Treatment Is Living Sober

Some people argue that when you are going through suboxone or buprenorphine treatment, you aren't really sober. This is a myth and one that is important to ignore as you go through your recovery. Medically-assisted treatment gives you a chance at a full recovery from an opiate addiction. When you have tried to break free from addiction before and you have not been successful, treatment with medication can make a big difference. The amount you receive is prescribed, monitored, and there is little risk of abusing the substance. You aren't high on medically-assisted treatment, and you can find your recovery easier.

Supportive Treatment During Addiction Recovery

It is going to help you to find support as you work through your addiction and build a foundation of sobriety. A therapist who is familiar with addiction and recovery can become a great support person for you. As you work on the emotional aspects of addiction, you will learn about how your thoughts and emotions impact your choices. You can learn relapse prevention strategies that will give you better coping skills instead of turning to drugs for a release.

Meetings In Your Community

The bigger your support network is, the more people you have to lean on when you feel like using substances and aren't sure where to turn. There are plenty of peer-led support groups throughout the United States, and finding a group that works for you can help you tremendously in your recovery efforts.

Medically-assisted treatment is sober treatment. You are no longer abusing drugs, and you are taking the steps you need to in order to stay sober. Get the help you need to finally break free from an opiate addiction and learn to live your best life.

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